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Royston, EnglandPosted by Jenny at 10:54AM on 12th July, 2017. (

Hi there. I will be moving to Clare at the beginning of August. I have two lovely older rescue coliex's who will need a reliable dog walker at least once a day. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Many thanks

Penyffordd, UKPosted by FionaHolland at 5:00PM on 29th April, 2017. (

Clare - such a beautiful town and the inspirational basis for my novel, Before All Else. Available from Harris&Harris bookshop on High Street, Clare.

For more details, check out my website

Would be very happy to speak to WI, libraries, coffee shops, reading groups - anywhere that values and promotes the joys of reading and story-telling.

Woodbridge, United KingdomPosted by SuffolkRBLPoppyAppeal at 1:37AM on 1st September, 2016. (

Vacancy for volunteer Poppy Appeal Organiser needed in Clare.

Can you help keep the Appeal going, in the area for 2016/17?

Poppy Organisers don't need a military connection, they just need to be organised and enjoy interacting with others. The role involves ordering stock, distributing poppy boxes, liaising with local businesses, co-ordinating and recruiting collectors, recording funds etc. It is a big commitment, but we have Poppy Appeal Organisers in the County of Suffolk that are involved and carry out tasks in their area. You will be focusing most of your efforts on the appeal between October and November, with some occasional admin work from July onwards. Training is provided.

The role is fun, worthwhile and above all rewarding…and the money raised for the Legion’s Poppy Appeal is used for safeguarding the welfare, interest and memory of all those who are currently serving, who have served in the Armed Forces and their families. By taking on the role of Poppy Organiser, you will help to ensure that we are here for them all.

For further details please contact Mandi Cox-Osborne,
Suffolk County Community Fundraiser for the Poppy Appeal on
07823 416748 or

Clevedon, UKPosted by tomcharper at 11:38AM on 5th February, 2016. (


I wonder if someone could help me to pinpoint the location of Claret Hall Farm on the map (any map)? I am thinking of visiting Clare in the near future and would be interested in a taking a walk out to Claret Hall Farm, but I can't find out where it is.

Many thanks,

Tom Harper

Clare, U.K. Posted by Simon at 2:23PM on 28th January, 2016. (

Good day all.
Having just moved to Clare from central London, I am disgusted by the parking of short stay visitors near the co op store. Motorists are parking on the DOUBLE YELLOW lines at all times of the day by the chip shop and church all the way back to the Swan in.

Do any of the councillors actually care or live near here? All you seem to worry about are trees getting chopped down or fairy lights at Christmas.

It is ILLEGAL and down right inconsiderate to allow this parking and I am seriously considering moving to Lavenham or a local village that cares about its residents. Please take this matter to the local constabulary for immediate enforcement before it escalates into serious road rage or other acts of random savagery.

Very disappointed indeed.

Clare , UKPosted by Sabre45 at 4:12PM on 24th January, 2016. (

Hi, is there anyone in the Clare area who speaks German and would be willing to help me improve my German language?
I am a relative newcomer to the language and am currently learning via online apps which is good but I'd like to improve.
Speaking via telephone or better still face to face.
Many thanks!

Cavendish, UKPosted by jimjock at 10:57PM on 11th November, 2015. (

Hi does anyone know of a retired or experienced police detective who be up for hosting a murder mystery evening in Clare next month for a birthday party. Previously been to an event years ago, ex murder squad detective ran the vent as a operations room with guests as his squad of detectives. Actors were suspects. if you know anyone could you pass this on or contact me please.

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 12:45AM on 16th September, 2015. (

Message to Hale. Are we related or in touch? I am the gg grandson of Daniel Jarvis who married Charlotte Bruty 1855. I would like to catch up and share information.

Farnborough, UKPosted by Bloomfield at 6:55PM on 15th June, 2015. (

My Great Grandfather was Henry Bloomfield Bare whose family were from Clare.

He has a Blue Plaque on the Philharmonic Hotel in Liverpool for his design of the celebrated wrought iron gates on that building. Beaten copper decorative panels by him are in the building. An architect, he also submitted Liverpool articles to Studio magazine, at the turn of the 19th/20th century.

I believe that the Bloomfield family had ironworks in Clare which existed on until possibly 1950s or 60s.

Where are the best Trade Directories for Clare helf?

Does anyone have any information about Bloomfield's ironworks in Clare?

Lancaster, EnglandPosted by Me at 9:55AM on 7th May, 2015. (

In memory of BILL, who lived in Clare, and died in May 2011

Four long years have slipped on by, like seconds on a clock.
We saw you only yesterday, now you cannot talk.
Or can you speak where you now rest, at least communicate?
Do you put the world to rights, behind death's darkest gate?
I always have my memories, keep them at least alive
And still there are the living, whom I must not deprive
Of love and care, attention, such vital needs for all,
Which we forget to share around, before death's final call.

PRESCOT, UNiyed KingdomPosted by Babs at 3:47AM on 18th April, 2015. (

Does anyone have information and / or photos of the Clare Music festivals for schools? I was an Afro American child conductor from North Street School Sudbury,at a festival event in Clare around 1950, and am hoping that there are archival records of the events. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Babs my email detail is

PRESCOT, UNiyed KingdomPosted by Babs at 3:44AM on 18th April, 2015. (

Does anyone have information and / or photos of the Clare Music festivals for schools? I was an Afro American child conductor from North Street School Sudbury,at a festival event in Clare around 1950, and am hoping that there are archival records of the events. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Babs

Glemsford, UKPosted by borgduck at 4:34PM on 9th December, 2014. (

Hello. :)

Stoke by Clare, UKPosted by SMaguire at 7:10PM on 11th October, 2014. (

Hi Everyone
I'm looking for someone who can fix the windows in my cottage in Stoke-by-Clare. They've got warped (I think) and now stick open or closed.

I'm also looking for a painter who can do both outside and inside work.

Thanks a million

Broughton Moor , United KingdomPosted by bromoorps at 8:27PM on 20th September, 2014. (

A small thank you from Cumbria.
Last week, the children from Broughton Moor Primary School Cumbria released around 45 Helium filled balloons as part of a topic on weather. Attached to the balloons was a little note requesting the finder to send us a post card with a description of the weather where they were. One of our balloons ended up over 300 miles away and we are very grateful to the Clare resident who sent us a postcard. If you are that kind person or you know who it was can you please get in touch as the children would love to send a thank you card. Your postcard meant a lot to everyone at our school and the children are really excited to receive more replies. Thank you. Dale Bromley. Class teacher.

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 3:26AM on 11th September, 2014. (

Message to Madaboutgolf. Please contact me by email As we are related I would love to share information with you about our common ancestry.

LONDON, United KingdomPosted by katekent at 11:40PM on 1st September, 2014. (

Hello, I'm new to the Clare website, although I am familiar with (and love) Clare. My elderly Mum lives in Clare, and my sister and I are looking for a self-catering place to stay so we can give her a lovely Christmas without her having endure the trip to London. We want to be able to cook her a lovely lunch and we are looking for self-catering accommodation in Clare (within walking distance to the High Street) over the Christmas period, for 4 nights from 24th - 27th December inclusive. We need 1 double and 3 singles or 1 double, 1 twin and 1 single. We have looked online, but with little success as yet. Any suggestions gratefully received. I'm not quite sure how I look for replies, so if in doubt my 'normal' email address is

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 3:04AM on 17th January, 2014. (

I suppose that being a relatively small community many of my ancestors intermarried with other Clare families, so I now have links from the Jarvis families to Taylor/Price/Bareham/Jeffery/Beaton/Bruty/Farrow/Byford families. Almost all of these intermarriages took place with residents from Clare, Stoke by Clare/Poslingford or other nearby areas. If anyone has connections to any of these families I would be happy to share information. My contact address is

haverhill, englandPosted by tifarr at 12:58AM on 23rd November, 2013. (

msgreenfingers and anyone ref hickford
Only just found this site and your msg 7th Aug
I have been searching for info on Hickford/Heckford families with not a lot of success.
Main ones William married to Tamesin/Tamsin Smith.
Children as faraas I know were:- James, William, John, Tamesin, Martha, Mary and Elizabeth Ann.
all born between 1770 and 1780.
Any info greatly appreciated. Were my 5x gt grandparents. Thanks

Wrington, UKPosted by MartinLineage at 11:22AM on 11th August, 2013. (

STEVE11448 - looks like the Hickfords were as prolific as my family, the Martins, during the 18th /19th centuries in Clare. I too have records about the Hickfords - particularly Henry Hickford [1837-1897] who married Elizabeth Martin on the 24th June 1859 in Clare. They had two children - Frederick & Eliza. Good luck with your research - Paul

Bridgwater, United KingdomPosted by msgreenfingers at 2:47PM on 7th August, 2013. (

If you are willing to let me have your email address I will send you a copy of my Hickford family history so far, long neglected I have to say. Willam was one of my gt gt gt gt grandfathers children. Mary and William had 10 children that I know of. I have both Hickfords and Byfords in my tree, both families are prolific and seemed to populate most of Clare. Susan Hickfords tree links us to Diana Princess of Wales and Napoleon through her line and her decendent lives in Glastonbury a few miles from me. William was the son of Charlotte Goody b 1793 (buried 17/06/1843) and John Hickford, he died of smallpox Q4 1872 and was buried 20/10/1872 in Clare. His wife Mary was born 1801 in Sturmer Essex.
John and Charlotte were married at St Margaret of Antioch Tilbury Juxta Clare03/02/1789, he was a bachelor she was a spinster, witnesses Robert Stammers and Samuel Wicks register number 42 by banns. Charlotte was bap Sible Headingham at St Peter 26/08/1764 father Thomas Goody and mother Martha. I have no further info on John Hickford the elder but assume he was born mid 1700's like Charlotte. I hope this will help if you mail me later than 10th august I will be away until early September but will reply eventually but can be very slow. Best wishes MANDY

Cavendish, UKPosted by Zoe at 11:50AM on 6th August, 2013. (

I am trying to locate the contact information for the ballet classes in Clare. I can't find any information anywhere advertising the classes.. Please could details be sent. Many Thanks.

Colorado Springs, USAPosted by Steve at 0:00AM on 8th July, 2013. (

You will have to pardon this intrusion... Just celebrated a birthday on the 1st and was feeling a bit nostalgic and stumbled across this website. I suppose a little background is in order... I am former U.S. Air Force and lived at (rented) Claret Hall (1978-1980) with three other USAF personnel (Jim Folsom, Larry Hannaway, and Ron Mobley). Imagine my surprise that there is a photo of the property on this site - still looks pretty much the same as I remember it 35 years ago. After we parted ways, I shared/rented the property with a Mark Hill. As I remember, he was the son of a former owner (Terry Hill?) of The Swan Inn. I must admit, I spent plenty of evenings at The Swan back in the day...

Hertford, HertfordshirePosted by rosedrum at 8:59PM on 4th September, 2012. (

Can anyone help, I have obtained a marriage certificate for my gg grandfather married in Clare Suffolk, however the Church in which they marrried I am having trouble finding. On the cert it looks like St Barnas (could be barnabus not very clear) in the parish of Clare in the county of Suffolk, the family were from the Risbridge/Clare area in all the censuses, but I can't seem to find a church in the locality of that name. I assume the parishes changed at some point. Can anyone help please

Ashbourne, EnglandPosted by jivexx at 4:21PM on 26th August, 2012. (

HI Tricia

I saw your posting for George HICKFORD and Hannah PULHAM. They were my GG grandparents. Could you please contact me on

Pam in the UK

hockley, u.kPosted by ronald at 6:52PM on 14th August, 2012. (

My father was born out of wedlock in clare .His Mother was Gertrude smith and he was named Frederick smith .after his mother
I do not know his fathers name help please.

Posted by glennbevan at 7:20AM on 3rd August, 2012. (


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am keen to book the Town Hall or the Old School Community Centre. I was given the number 07500642001 and the email address but despite ringing several times a week over the past month, leaving messages and also sending emails I am yet to here anything at all. If anyone knows of somebody I can contact I would be extremely grateful.



Cornelius, North Carolina, United StatesPosted by Larry at 11:17PM on 13th July, 2012. (

Rochella, I have been researching Rushin for some time. I have come across information leading me to Williams's father who was very likely Roger Rishton (1504-1564) from Ponthalg Manor (Salesbury, Lancashire). The Rishton's spent most of their time in Lancashire after coming over from Normandy. The (de) Rishton's evolved from Gilbert de Blackburn (1216) of Rishton, Lancashire.

William's son was William Rushin Jr (1582-1626) of Ponthalgh Manor. He was married to Martha Harvey (1595-1636) of Clare. William, Jr's mother was Elenor Charnock (1553-1589) of Astley, Lancashire. Elenor was the second wife of William, Sr.

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 5:54PM on 10th May, 2012. (

My great grandfather was born in Clare, Suffolk in 1877 - Arthur William BYFORD.

I cannot find any records for his father, Edwin BYFORD and so I am stuck on this line. I know his wife's name was Eliza but I do not know her maiden name. Any help on this would be sincerely appreciated.

Julie Matern

sudbury, United KingdomPosted by HarryCopsey at 9:01PM on 8th December, 2011. (

Hi Everyone,

I am 13 years old and a keen trumpet player, I was wondering if there could be a brass band in clare like the clare town band, like haverhill and long melford silver bands. Would anyone be interested

email me on

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