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Twickenham, EnglandPosted by Lou1 at 1:30PM on 6th August, 2008. (

I've been researching the Skilton's of Suffolk for a while now and am a little stuck. I have got as far back as Samuel Skilton born circa 1778 in Clare. Samuel is my husband's 4 times great-grandfather. I know Samuel married Susan Mason but i was wodering if anyone could tell me when Samuel was born and who is parents were? I live in London and getting to Clare is a little difficult for me. I think Samuel's father was possible Matthew Skilton and his mother Elizabeth but from there I have no idea! Any help would be much appreciated. The name also changes from Skilton to Skelton on many occasions......

Clare, UKPosted by Helen Dyson at 4:22PM on 30th July, 2008. (

I am trying to trace the Dyson family in Clare.

We have found the gravestone of Florence Dyson in Clare cemetary, though no coresponding birth or death certificates. We think she was born around 1895-1900 died 1968. She had a baby Patrick Dyson in 1916 in Lewisham then moved back to clare, and lived with Charles Knock, known as Florence or florie Knock. She also had two other children, Fred and Rosemary Knock, Rosemary's married name was / is Peackock.

If anyone can help please get back to me. Thanks!

Leighton Buzzard, ENGLANDPosted by looby at 8:11PM on 16th July, 2008. (

Many thanks for the information about William Webb. I have done some more research now and found that Elizabeth Webb's brother Henry also went out to Australia but in 1852 very brave people to go out to an unknown country. I have also got more details about Lucy Webb and her family from the info supplied. I shall carry on researching and see what else I can discover

clare, suffolkPosted by Nigel at 8:58PM on 19th June, 2008. (

Re- Susans message below. I come from a large Robinson family of clare going back to the 1600s.
If you are interested in this susan then please get in touch with me.
E mail

Lincoln, U K.Posted by susan at 4:16PM on 15th June, 2008. (

Hi there, I have family ancestors born in Clare,in 1844, they worked for the Barker family who lived at the Priory. I am trying to locate any domestic papers or diaries for the Barker family,that could relate to staff.The other family name from Clare is Robinson,Eliza Robinson was a domestic at the Priory who married the footman Joseph Edwards,then moved to London and had a grocery shop.Eliza married Joseph when 8 months pregnant,he was 19 and Eliza was 28.My ultimate aim is to confirm if Joseph was the father ?,as ther is a rumour that he was 'paid' to marry the ladyany help would be most welcome

South Perth, Western AustraliaPosted by lbprice at 11:30AM on 5th June, 2008. (

I can help Looby with a small part of the Webb family history. According to census records Elizabeth Webb daughter of William and Sarah Webb married John Price of Clare. John Price was an agricultural labourer and he and Elizabeth lived with William and Sarah Webb on Folly Farm. Their son Oliver Price was born in 1850. Sometime between the census of 1851 and 1861 John and Elizabeth moved to Barnes in London. John appears to have worked there as a gardener and labourer. Oliver's eldest son Thomas was born in Barnes and is my grandfather and his eldest son, also born in Barnes, (my father) immigrated to Western Australia in 1950. The remaining children and grandchildren of Thomas live around London, Belfast and Perth (Western Australia). By the 1901 cenus John Price was a widower and Elizabeth Price (nee Webb) must have passed away sometime between 1891 and 1901. Regards

Madison, Alabama, USAPosted by lokiweis at 8:06PM on 20th May, 2008. (

Hello looby and Ken Webb,
My great-great grandfather was the brother of Sabina - his name was Henry Thomas STIFF, son of William STIFF and Lucy WEBB. I do not have further information on the ancestors of William and Lucy, but I would be happy to share anything I have on their family. Please email me at
Paula Weis

Fyfield, United KingdomPosted by Ken Webb at 10:08PM on 8th May, 2008. (

Looby was asking about William Webb on 18/4/2008, William Webb and Sarah , his wife were I believe great,great,great grandparents of mine.
The daughter of William Webb, Lucy, whom I have yet to trace( my information is from a verbal record)Married William Stiff whose daughter Sabina Stiff married my great grandfather Nice Dyson.
Whilst my surname is Webb to the best of my knowledge my paternal tree is not linked to Clare.
I would like to know of any other information linked to the names I have given

Leighton Buzzard, ENGLANDPosted by looby at 4:06PM on 18th April, 2008. (

When researching my family tree I discovered that my great great grandfather was William Webb who lived at Folly Farm in Clare. He is buried in the church in Clare together with one of his sons. I have found descendants who moved to Great Thurlow which is where my Grandad was born is there anyone who has any further information on the Webb family from Clare.

Candelo, AustraliaPosted by Margaret Fletcher at 8:04AM on 17th April, 2008. (

My name is Margaret and I live in Australia.In September 2007 my Husband and I visited your lovely Village of Clare. In the 1891 census -which I have just found on your site-my Great Great Grandfather Edward Coe had his Printing and bookshop in Well Street although I didn't know this at the time we were there.His Wife Elizabeth and Daughter Elizabeth Rebecca were also on the Census form. I was wondering where Well St is in relation to the High St where I - at that time -thought they lived. Also could anyone be kind enough to tell me where they are buried? We wandered around the Village taking photos and video footage. Listening to the sound of the Church clock striking and wondering if it was a familiar sound to them too.

Ipswich, EnglandPosted by Valerie at 2:59PM on 14th April, 2008. (

Hello, I am looking for any records for JAMES BARDWELL. According to the census of 1901 he was a police superintendant in Clare. He was born in Wangford in 1846 and his wife Hannah died in 1895. After 1901 I have no further records for him, if he died in Clare or even if he reired there. His police record only goes up to 1887. Any help would be grately appreciated to continue our family tree.

Many Thanks Valerie

safety bay, australiaPosted by ken at 10:43AM on 3rd April, 2008. (

Hi,my name is Ken Allen and I am trying to trace my mother`s family. Her father`s name was Richard Hickford. He was born in Clare on the 25th May 1896.He married a girl named Ethel. My mother`s name was Queenie or Faye or both.She had two sisters named Olive and Eva. We dont know if those two were born in England or when they migrated to Western Australia in the early 1920`s.
Any information found will be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks Ken Allen

Braintree, EnglandPosted by Kathleen at 5:58PM on 1st April, 2008. (

We are looking into the history of my mother's biological mother's family. My mother was given up for adoption in 1922, at 2 years old. Her mother and her family came from the area of Ashen and Clare. Her mother's name was Martha Jarvis, sometimes it seems known as May and she was born in 1894. We know that her sister was called Florence Eva Jarvis and she was born in 1896. The parents names were Octavius Alexander Jarvis and Jessie MC Jarvis(nee Yeldham). There were several children in the family, most of them boys. We have accumulated information with regards to where the family was living in 1901:

1901 Clare RD, Ashen
Octavius 38 joiner b.Clare, Suffolk
Jessie MC 32 b.Stamborne, Essex
Frank 11 b.Clare
Maurice G 10 b.Clare
Martha 7 b.Clare
Florence E 5 b.Ashen
Samuel 3 b.Ashen

If anyone is aware of any information relating to this family, please could you contact us, as any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanbks, Kathleen.

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 5:26PM on 19th March, 2008. (

Quote Ref: COUTTS

Dear Matthew,

I have just been looking on the Clare website and found your email regarding your family history. My ancestor was also William Byford, he being my 3x great grandfather on my maternal side. I have not visited Clare, so cannot tell you if he is buried there, but was wondering what information you had on him, and how he is related to you. He was the father of Julia Byford (b1865), and she married a man called Joseph Montague.They had 2 children, one of which was Bertha Montague. She in turn married Leonard Fuller, and they had a son and a daughter, the son being my maternal grandfather, Hugh.

Anyway, let me know an info you may have, or if I can help you with anything, and our link to William. I am interested to find out!


Clare ( I was actually named after the place as my family have good memories of it!)

Orpington, EnglandPosted by Evangeline 2007 at 7:01PM on 31st January, 2008. (

Hi, I have just started tracing my family history and found that my great great grandfather Robert Last and his wife Martha lived with their family at 68 Cavendish Road, Clare, Suffolk. Three of their children, Kate H. Last, Annie B. Last and Percy R. Last were born in Clare. Percy R. Last is my great grandfather. If anybody has any knowledge of this branch of the Last family I would be delighted to hear from you. Also if you have any knowledge of my great great grandmother Martha Rose born in 1822, that would be great. Any tips on best places to visit in Clare for information would be appreciated. Many thanks Evangeline and family

Madison, Alabama, USAPosted by lokiweis at 4:19PM on 31st January, 2008. (

Florrie STIFF BARBER, whose parents were Harry STIFF and Laura Ann MAYES, was my maternal grandmother. I have traced the STIFFs back to William STIFF/STEFF who married Lucy WEBB in 1835. I am also tracing the following surnames that are related to the STIFF family in Clare: MAYES, HICKFORD, MANSFIELD, PARKER, and PHILLIPS.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who is researching the same names and I would be glad to share information.

Kindest regards,
Paula Weis

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I'm trying to track forward and back from Charles BAREHAM born in Clare Suffolk in 1831.

Charles married Harriet SMEE (but her maiden name could have beeen HOOPER or JEFFRIES and settled in Crayford Kent, his occupation as Brickfield Laborer. They had children Charles, Harriet, Eliza, James, David/Daniel, and Ellen. The 1891 census also shows children Annie and Mark but they may have been grandchildren given Harriet's likely age.

Eliza's name had changed to Eliza Ann BEARHAM when she married my great-gf George GREENWOOD, and there the trail runs cold.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks ... John.
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: BAREHAM

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (


I wonder of you can help me. I am looking at a person on my family tree by the name of Augustus Goodman Ekin who is in the 1851 Census Return for Clare at an address of Honey Hall. He was also listed as an inmate. Can you throw any light on this "Honey Hall"

Many thanks

Bill Howson
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: EKIN

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

Hi I hope you can help me while researching my family tree it appeared that my great grandad was born in Clare his name was Aaron Belsham, does anyone have any records of him ?

many thanks
Jan Collett
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: BELSHAM

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I collect all information regarding the Guntonís of England. I have some Guntonís in my database that do not seem to fit in anywhere!

I am guessing that Walter Gabriel Gunton was born in Clare around 1780.

Walter Gabriel Gunton married Elizabeth Lovegrove in Clare in 1798.They had 2 children; Walter Gabriel Basset Gunton and Rebecca Neale Gunton.

Did Gabriel come from Clare, if so, when was he born and any details of his parents? What was the marriage date of Walter & Elizabeth, where there any other children and what were their birth dates?

Always lots of questions! I hope that you can help and if not could you point me in the direction of where I might find some answers.

Many Thanks
David Gunton
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: GUNTON

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I am trying to track down information regarding my husbandís maternal great mother and her parents.
We know that Ada Hickford was born in Clare (23.2.1871).

The 1881 census show her living in Common St. Adaís father was George and mother Hannah. Any information regarding the family would be appreciated.

Thank you
Kim Skett
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: HICKFORD

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

i recently bought a picture by tom mallin 1927-77

is this a local name as it was shown in the oak clare suffolk?
many thanks
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: MALLIN

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:53AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I am researching the surname NORMAN and am looking for a marriage of Henry Norman to Mary ? 1738 or earlier. They had moved to Long Melford by 1738 but had not married there.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ruth Maguir
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: NORMAN

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I am interested in any information regarding the Glasscock family - William & Sarah of 70 Chiltern Farm, Clare in around 1840 - 1860 and then of Bridewell Farm, Clare up to around 1900.

I would also be interested in any information on the Perry family - George & Elizabeth who ran a hairdressers/barber shop from 24 Market Street.

I would be most grateful for any information - my father and I are planning a trip to Clare in the spring and any information above what we have already gained would be most beneficial.

I would also be delighted to share the information I have already garnered.

Very many thanks,

Alun J Wilsher.
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: GLASSCOCK

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

Our friend in Hawaii can trace his family back to the Pilgrim Fathers. His surname is Gould.

He believes ancestors by the name of Crane lived in Chilton Manor. His Grandfather's name was Thomas Crane Gould.

The only reference I can find is Chilton Street, although he has sent us photos dated 1937 supposedly showing the manor and chapel.

Any information you can provide would be gratefully received.
Thank you.

Alan Sorkin
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: GOULD

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

I am searching for my great grandfather (Francis Golding) parent. Francis was born in 1852 at Clare, Suffolk (per 1901 UK census).

Any help would be gratefully received

thank you.
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: GOLDING

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

Seeking ancestors Hoy/Foy/Hoe/Koe/Coe - possible varients - 1636 to 1720.
First names Zephalonius/Zephalani, Thomas, James, William, George, Margery and Katherine.

Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: COE

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

Hi, my name is Michele and I have traced my great great great grandfather back to the town of Clare.
He was born in approx 1815 and married Elizabeth. His name was Thomas and he was an Agricultural Labourer. They had seven children ( Eliza, Walter, Samuel, William, Henry, Susan and Thomas)

They lived at 43 Callis St in 1851 and then moved to 104 Bridewell St in 1861 approx. They lived at 47 Bridewell St in approx 1871 and then 22 Bridewell St on the 1881 census.

Does anyone have any information on any of the above. William Angel (my great great grandfather) moved to Canning Town at some time after 1860. Were Thomas and Elizabeth married in the church in clare.

Does anyone have any information on which farm Thomas worked on?
It would be great to hear anything from anyone! Do any Angel's still live in Clare?

Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: ANGEL

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

My distant relative Edward Adkin who was living in Stepney(then in Middlesex) now in London is listed as living in Stepney in the 1841 census. He is later shown on the 1851 census as living in Aldgate and as being born in Clara, Suffolk. It states that he was born circa. 1787.

Most of the family grew up in the East End of London but I wondered if there was any way that I could actually trace his roots and if there was an Adkin presence in the town at all during this period.
Can anyone help please???

Margaret Moses
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: ADKINS

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 12:52AM on 3rd December, 2007. (

Hi, my name is Terry and I'm tracing my family back on my mothers side, the surname being Jarvis.

I've got back to 1789, the parish records of Ashen have an entry of the marriage of Samuel Jarvis of the Parish of Poslingford to an Elizabeth Finch of Ashen.

There are no other entries at all for Jarvis in Ashen, up until then all of my ancestors have be born in Clare.

lf any one has any information on this couple l would be most grateful

Many Thanks

Terry Bareham
Can you help..?
If so please email: - Quote Ref: JARVIS

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