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London, UKPosted by GGreene321 at 3:56PM on 29th January, 2010. (


I would like to buy some books from but I am not sure how good their products are, I checked them out and it seems that the have posted on several message boards and I heard some good things about them and their free searchable CD sounds good too.

They have some good books that I would like to have, if anyone had any experience with them, please let me know.

Thank you.

bilston, ENGLANDPosted by kopperknob1 at 1:26PM on 28th January, 2010. (

I am doing my family tree and i am looking for information on the Wallage and Lewis family from Clare
My great grandfather was George Wallage born 1870 Clare
His father i think was also George born 1846 in Clare
His mother was Sarah Ann Lewis born 1845 also in Clare
Any information would be great
Thank you
Regards Jane

Cherveix Cubas, FrancePosted by AudreyF at 1:56PM on 14th January, 2010. (

I have been researching my father's family (the Agers) and traced them back through London to Ipswich and to Clare. I have found a record on line for the marriage of John Ager to Ursula Brett in 1820 in Clare parish church. I believe these are my ?x great grandparents. I cannot get to Clare myself to find anything further which might be available but wonder if there is some kind soul there who would know where to look and could take some time to look up the records for me to see what else might be learnt. I have a marriage date if anyone is willing to help, please.

Thank you in advance,


Suffolk, UKPosted by Kerry O at 3:43PM on 10th December, 2009. (

On my travels around the county I have come to Clare and it is a really nice place to be. In my job I am encouraging communities to help extend the library information available so that communities can see what there is in their own area to be able to get involved in. This project is run by volunteers, and we go about researching where we live and then freely adding an individual on to the information website run by the library service called InfoLink.
If anyone you know provides something that contributes the wellfare of your local people then they are eligible to have their entry on InfoLink. We record as much information as they would like to give us then we post it for them. They are then issued their own username and password so they can access their information and make any updates in the future.
This is about giving more people choice in the rural areas, and helping the people who do amazing things to be known about more so they can be supported and continue in what they do for the community.
If you think you would like to volunteer in this or know of someone who would benefit from getting in touch. Please get in contact with the Sudbury volunteer centre and she can give you my details.

Many thanks.

St Leonards-On-Sea, UKPosted by Alan Jeffries at 11:26AM on 7th December, 2009. (

I am helping my Father to do some research on the Webbs of Folly Farm (burned down c. 1865). He has some information which he has gathered in conjunction with one Jack Webb who lived around Clare/Thurlow but now sadly deceased. This was pre-internet.

In particular I see there are references to a William Webb, one of whose sons (Henry) went to Australia. We believe his father to be a Robert (d. 1804) originally from Poslingford but moved to Folly Farm in the late 1700's.

Please email me at

Port Kennedy, AustraliaPosted by patfenno at 6:51AM on 5th November, 2009. (

Re Ben Wyvis request 16th November 2008 for information on Cutts or Hammond family. I am descended from Robert Cutts, Christophers brother and my sister, with help from other extended members of our family has traced our line back to Jonathon Cutts (1720-1797). Do you have information further back as I dont know of any brothers or sisters for Jonathon. Which of Christopher & Mary's children are you descended from? Thankyou

Posted by Alec at 11:52AM on 15th September, 2009. (

My name is Alec Walliker and my 3 x gt granprent Thomas Walliker lived in Clare and Stoke - by - Clare. He married Lucinda Godale in Lavenham Suffolk and it is details of both that I'm interested in.

I believe there was a strong nonconformist activity in the area and that both Goodales and Wallikers lived in Clare.

I would welcome any information about the 2 familys or others with the same name.

many thanks


Mabelvale, USAPosted by donnasikes30 at 3:32AM on 30th August, 2009. (

I'm trying to find out more on William Rushin Rushing Jr. born in 1593 Clare, Suffolk, England and also died there in 1653. His father was William Rushing Sr. born in 1563 same place. Any info will be appreciated.
email info to (

St Clement, Jersey CIPosted by DRYDENMJ at 2:55PM on 29th August, 2009. (

A message for Valeve. I am also researching the Everetts of Clare. Would you contact me?

Regards Martin

Stockport, UKPosted by GAtherton at 10:52PM on 22nd August, 2009. (

I too have recently discovered that my family are Clares, based in Lymm, Cheshire. Can you give me more detail on what information sources you used to trace your direct family back to 1066? I have Clares back to 1670's but no further.

aberdare, walesPosted by loulou at 5:01PM on 18th August, 2009. (

i am interested in any info reguarding my great grandfather jesse Byford just found out that he came from clare suffolk, married louie and according to the 1901 cencus lived in leeds yorkshire, jesse was a furniture carter. would be glad of any help with this.

Mainland Europe, GermanyPosted by Very_British at 10:39AM on 17th August, 2009. (

Hello everyone. I'm searching for a person called Lee Williams who was born in the June quarter of 1958 (so he'll be 51 now or nearly anyway) and was registered in Manchester (England). His father was/is called Frederick.

Please contact me if you know Lee. Thank you.

With sincere regards,


ann arbor, usaPosted by jimclare at 3:25AM on 25th July, 2009. (

Hello all. I am James Robert Clare. I was born in Waterford, MI, USA; Raised in Clarkston, MI, USA and now live in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
I am interested in where my name comes from.
Thanks for having me.


weston super mare, englandPosted by sheila1066 at 1:26AM on 17th July, 2009. (

Hello--I have been researching my family tree for over 10years and even spent 6months living in Suffolk from someret in order to extend my fieldwork--anyway in the last year I have discovered that the ancient Clare family are my ancestors--Richard FitzGilbert and his wife Rohese Giffard are my x 24 great grandparents-- I have a wealth of information concening the Clares and other related families.One of my x25 great grandmothers was the sister of william the Conqueror. I returned to Somerset but look forward to visiting Clare a.s.a.p when next in suffolk so as to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors


LONDON, ENGLANDPosted by davidomost at 4:37PM on 10th July, 2009. (

HI im DAVID,THIS is my first time on the clare board ,Am doing history on Thompson IVE and MORTLOCK Familys John Thompson 1774 Living No1 HIGH ST Cavandish MARRIED toSARAH CUBBIN 1778.
weds ANNE 1821 moved to london abt 1840s there seems to be many mortlocks in clare 1790s 1850s
ANy info Welcome also IVE family and THOMPSON of CAVANDISH THANKS DAVID.

toynton st peter, lincolnshirePosted by lorna at 9:59PM on 17th June, 2009. (

I am a newbie to this but i have viewed the clare message boards i am searching for my mums great great grandparents and any relations attached to them both were born in Clare Charles Pemberton Robinson b.1817 and Elizabeth Dyson b.1821....and would love to know why Charles carried the surname of pemberton robinson also if anyone could tell me how to find out were to view church records as a relation of mine is hoping to visit clare next week......thank you Lorna

London, EnglandPosted by sandieb at 4:46PM on 8th June, 2009. (

Rinaldo Bareham

I am currently researching my gt,gt,gt,grandfather Rinaldo (sometimes spelt Reinaldo) Bareham, who was born in Clare around 1795 and died there in 1874. I know that he was a cow/pigkeeper, was married to Ellen Webb and had at least two sons. A distant relative contacted through a genealogy site thinks he may have been involved in sabotaging farm machinery during agricultural riots and served time in prison but this is not certain.

I would be thrilled if anyone knows any more details about Rinaldo.



Hampshire, UKPosted by hmcullum at 6:20PM on 14th May, 2009. (

Jones & Williams families from Poslingford, Stansfield, Haverhill & Clare

I recently stumbled across a number of family photos including members of the Jones and Williams families. Know addresses for these families are Flax Farm, Poslingford and Brynbank (formerly Bulley Green Farm), Poslingford.

I am particularly interested in tracing descendents of William Scowsfield Jones who married Minnie Tuffin in 1917

They had the following children:

Frederick (1921), William (1921), Mary (1923), Jessie (1927), Henry (1929), Elizabeth (1931). All born in the Clare area of Suffolk

I would love to hear from anyone who knows of this family.


Ashbourne, EnglandPosted by jivexx at 9:43AM on 4th May, 2009. (

Hi msgreenfingers - re BYFORD

I saw your message re BYFORDS. Can you please contact me on


Bridgwater, United KingdomPosted by msgreenfingers at 6:27PM on 8th April, 2009. (

Hi jivexx

I have never used a message board before but stumbled on this site and read your message. I have spent 25 years and a lot of money and many sweaty hours in St Catherines fruitlessly researching or attempting to reasearch my family of Byfords. I resorted to a reasearcher in the 1990s who made some progress for me but then met a dead end. Another reaseacher finally cracked the problem in 2008 my maiden name was Byford I am actually descended from Stephen Hickford who married Emma Byford who is scended from George Byford. George (gtgtgtgt grandfather)and Ann's Eldest son George had a daughter Emma, she is my gg grandmother who married Stephen Hickford but later we suspect lived incestuesly with her brother John Byford and had possibly two further children by him. My GT grandfather George was born shortly before Stephen began a 7 year sentence for sheep stealing in Ashen in 1871. Dartmoor prison records were destroyed and I do not know what happened to Stephen when released, i can find no trace of a death or census records of him after he entered prison. At some stage between the 1871 census and 1881 Emma started to live with John Byford. Stephen and Emma had Mary/MARIA died aged 3 from Ditheria, Esther, Polly/Mary Ann, Elizabethh, George Dennis, then James/Albert could be Hickford or yford and Alice Bessie. The latter 2 could be Johns children, short of doing a DNA test on James's living descendant of 74 i can't be sure. Your GGG George had 15 children that I know of on my tree. His father was also George married to Susan Smith. I havent checked to see if the Harriet Hickford you mention is related to Stephen, given that the Byfords and Hickfords seemed to populate most of Clare at one time it is highly likely. Sorry to ramble on but this was a bit of a shock last year, one qusetion I asked myself was am I legally married? Doesen't bear thinking about, I think my father would have chuckled though at all the dark secrets!! If you think I can be of help please message me, I am sometimes slow to respond as I amtrying to make a go of ebay trading, my own website and an ebid account too as well as having a 13 year old son. I must be mad. Mandy in U.K.

Ashbourne, EnglandPosted by jivexx at 8:45PM on 28th March, 2009. (


I am researching the BYFORD - HICKFORD and SIMPSON families in and around Clare.

My GGG grand parents were George BYFORD and Anne RULTON.

My GG grand parents were George BYFORD amd Hannah SIMPSON.

My great grandparents were Ephraim BYFORD and Harriett HICKFORD.

Would love to hear from anyone doing this line.

Pam in the UK

Peterborough, United KingdomPosted by Valeve at 9:05PM on 20th March, 2009. (

Hi - I am researching my husbands family. HIs great grandfather's name was Charles Everett b about 1866. He listed his place of birth as Clare in Suffolk. On his marriage certificate (1891 in Romford) he states his father's name as being Peter Everett (deceased) occupation Butcher. I have numerous birth certificates but none of them appear to be him. Can anyone help me with this mystery? Thank you.

Headcorn, EnglandPosted by Ray at 5:42PM on 8th February, 2009. (


Am working on our family tree which has thrown up a large number of Sadlers along the Stour from about 1630 to 1790; rumour has it that there are still descendants in the area!

Willing to exchange any information with a view to filling out the early part of our tree.

Ray Sadler

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 4:51PM on 5th February, 2009. (

Hi all... looks like there is some great genealogy work going on here, keep it up!!! Webmaster.

Here is a message from Betty Donohoe regarding the surnames: HAMMOND & INCH:

My name is Betty Donohoe (Nee Hammond)

My G.G.Grandmother was Elizabeth Inch born 19 Jan 1817, Clare, Suffolk.
Elizabeth married William Hammond on the 8 Jan 1835, Belchamp St.Paul Essex. William was born 10 Apr 1814 in Belchamp St Paul.

Elizabeth parent's are Joseph Inch / Sarah Webb

William and Elizabeth had eight children.

Hope this is of help
Regards Betty

Melbourne, AustraliaPosted by Tasman at 10:27AM on 28th December, 2008. (

Hi, my name is Tasman and I am trying to find out more about my ancestors from Clare.

What I know already is that my ancestors James Reynolds Ray and Dorothy Ray (nee Stammers, daughter of Thomas Stammers and Dorothy Green) married in Clare in 1804. They had the following children, all born in Clare: Anne (b 1805), James (b 1806), Thomas (b 1808), Dorothy (b 1810), John (b 1811), Charles (b 1813), William (b 1814), Edward (b 1817), Samuel (b 1819) and Robert (b 1824). James Reynolds Ray was a draper and banker. I believe he was the proprietor of The Clare Bank, which had three branches, one in Clare, one in Ipswich, and another in a town unknown to me. Thomas Ray (1808-1892) married Sarah Ellingham (b1813/4), daughter of Elizabeth Ellingham, of Clare. Their eldest son, Thomas, was born in Clare in 1832 before the family moved to Higham and then Gazeley and had further children. Thomas and Sarah are my gr gr gr grandparents.

I would be grateful for any information on the Ray and Ellingham families of Clare, for any information on the Stammers and Green families possibly of Clare, and for any information on The Clare Bank.

Thanks for your consideration.

Beauly, ScotlandPosted by Ben Wyvis at 10:52AM on 16th November, 2008. (

I am directly descended from Christopher Cutts (b. 1808 Clare) who is shown in the 1841 and 1851 census's as working in the Ironmonger's shop in the High Street. I am particularly interested in his wife's family - Mary Ann Hammond (b. 1806.) I have her father as William Hammond (b. 1785) and her mother as Sarah Wix. Any information regarding the Hammond family (and earlier Cutts family members) would be greatly appreciated.

Clare, UKPosted by bumpkin at 3:36PM on 9th October, 2008. (

Message for Looby of Leighton Buzzard.

In your message posted 16th July you mention that "Henry Webb" went to Australia in 1852. What was his occupation or his family's occupation at that time? Were they farmers and if so where did they live? The reason I am asking is that my wife's ancestors emigrated in 1855..and recently their descendents have been back to Clare researching their history. They also wondered why people could have made such a life changing decision over 150 years ago! Perhaps they knew each other?

Fundenhall, EnglandPosted by BravoMike at 9:58PM on 4th October, 2008. (

Message for Susan re. Eliza Robinson.

I may have some information for you, she could be my wife's great-grandmother.

United KingdomPosted by Webmaster at 5:17PM on 2nd October, 2008. (

Here is a message from Mandy Smith sent to Clare-UK Re: HICKFORDS:

Please can you let me know if you are still looking for info on this person and family, I have only just recently found out that my maiden surname should have been Hickford and not Byford. Your Georges father was my gt gt gt grandfathers brother! If you wish you can mail me on

Weymouth, United KingdomPosted by Gerald at 3:16PM on 10th September, 2008. (

Have traced genealogy back to Rev. John Clare of Newnham, who was called to the Pastorate of South Lane Baptist Chapel, Downton, Wilts. in 1803. He died in October 1840. He married Francis Tyndale (or Tendale) who died at Southampton 29th. December 1892. They had seven children, one being Clarissa who married Joseph Smith of Bristol, of which I am decended.
Any information regarding the prehistory of the Rev. John Clare would be gratefully received.

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