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Posted by Alec at 9:49PM on 31st July, 2010. (

Hi kerryrees

I'm a Walliker too.

Do you descend from the walliker's of Stoke by Clare?


Carine, AustraliaPosted by Marcia at 1:02AM on 20th June, 2010. (

I am trying to find:
Samuel JAY born around 1700.
He married in the Netherlands in 1734 and he said he was born in Clare. His bride was from Norwich so I am assuming he came from Clare Suffolk. He was a minister Church at Dordrecht until his death in 1751.
Any information on any JAY's in Clare around 1700 would be most welcome.
Western Australia

sudbury, englandPosted by g49 at 6:20PM on 9th June, 2010. (

the greengrocers on the market hill used to be the angel inn in the 17th century... where the town hall is now was the yard where they kept their carriages and horses.

Perth, AustraliaPosted by LesleyRae58 at 6:23PM on 31st May, 2010. (

Searching for: Ives of Clare. Hi I am researching my great grandmothers family, her father was George Bullingbrooke Ive, born in Clare Suffolk, he was a building contractor/carpenter.

I have photos showing the town of clare showing St Peters Church with George & I think one of his sons. He married Sarah Boyce and they lived in Blackheath Kent Lewisham where my great grandmother was born

I also have photos of graves with the following names; Mehetabel Ive d.1861, wife of the late Thomas Ive and another with Mary Ann Ive wife of the late ( Robert Mortlock Ive b.1836 d.1896.)

Pemberton, CanadaPosted by Jim at 3:51AM on 20th May, 2010. (

Rushenhistory...If you are still looking for the location of the Angel Inn or pub, you might look at the Angel in Glemsford. It's close to Clare and the building at least, is 16th century. I don't know how long it's operated as the Angel.


Pemberton, CanadaPosted by Jim at 3:36AM on 20th May, 2010. (

Does anyone know if records exist for Clare Priory School? There is an online article by Trevor Pickerin in a 2000 edition of Clare Focus Magazine about the school, but not much else to be found. The 1871 census lists the Master Joseph Gee, his family and the students. One of the students Alfred Smith, is the correct age and birth place to match an ancestor I'm looking for. I'm wondering if any records exist that would show parents. Does anyone know the criteria for admittance..was it a school for the wealthy? The parents were farmers and probably could not afford an expensive school.


Duxford, EnglandPosted by Rushenhistory at 10:48AM on 6th April, 2010. (

In 1642 William Barron left a will in which he stated he was the innkeeper of the "Angel" and that he owned a shop occupied by William Rushin, a barber.

Can anybody help with the location of the "Angel" or his shop?

Ferndale, WalesPosted by kerryrees at 6:02PM on 2nd April, 2010. (

Hi Anyone- do you know of Pentlow Hall, about 3.5 miles E of Clare apparently, bought in 1835 by R Simpson for the running of a school?
Or of Rev. James Bloomfield, who ran a school in Bury?

Ferndale, WalesPosted by kerryrees at 5:50PM on 2nd April, 2010. (

Hi Mimram/Janet,
The elusive Rinaldo... if yours was born in 1868, I believe there must have been 2 of them.
I am a Walliker, and as far as I can tell, a Sarah Walliker married William Robinson, a Glover, 17.09.1815. I have found a Rinaldo Robinson owning and occupying a house and stable at 12, Common (Callis) St., Clare, in 1866. I've also found Rinaldo Robinson at No. 13 in 1884. Also nos. 21/22 owned in 1866 by Rinaldo Robinson.
Somewhere in the newspaper archives in Bury St E, I found this; "1839 - Rinaldo Robinson won 2 prize as labourer having greatest no. of ligitimate children not on parish relieve - 5 children, awarded at S. Suffolk Agricultural Society Dinner at Clare, Nov. 20th. He has worked on same farm for 20 years". If this was Rinaldo Snr., maybe your Rinaldo was one of these 5 well-cared for children?!
Keep up the search! Kerry

Stevenage, UKPosted by mimram at 10:25AM on 30th March, 2010. (

I'm trying to research the Robinson family of Clare, particularly Rinaldo Robinson (born approx 1868), and his parents John and Sarah Robinson. I would like to find out Rinaldo's birth and death, his parents birth, death and marriage and his mother's maiden name. At present I seem to be unable to find any details and wonder if anyone can help? They lived in Clare for many years. I believe Rinaldo was either born in Pimlico, London or Clare, Suffolk, but I don't know where the marriage happened. Any details would be appreciated.

Solihull, UKPosted by jeffpmartin at 0:45AM on 29th March, 2010. (

Hi everyone.
I've just stumbled upon this forum and would like to advise you that I have Hickfords and Byfords in my tree, so if anyone would like info feel free to contact me and se if I can help.

Melbourne, AustraliaPosted by projectparis at 6:48AM on 28th March, 2010. (

Hi, I am trying to locate details regarding my grandmother Eva May Hickford how was more in the UK and migrated to Australia.

Thanks so much Anne

IPSWICH, EnglandPosted by Michael at 7:17PM on 9th February, 2010. (

Hi, I am trying to trace any details of one of my ancestors ELIZABETH RASH born in Clare on the 11th May 1790. She married my Grt Grt Grt Gandfather RICHARD ROGERS in Clare or Stoke by Clare in 1808.. Richard was imprisoned in Bury St Edmunds for 2 months in 1816 for damaging a Threshing Machine. Any details would be appreciated on the family.. thanks Mike

Beauly, ScotlandPosted by Ben Wyvis at 3:06PM on 5th February, 2010. (

For patfenno (in reply to message dated 5/11/2009)
I'm afraid Jonathan Cutts (1720-1797) is as far back as I go too ! I'm descended from Christopher and Mary's eldest son William (b.1827 in Clare - out of wedlock - two months before they married !) He's shown on the 1841 census as William Cutts but takes his mother's maiden name when he moves up to London around 1850, from then on being "William Hammond" (which is as he was baptised in March 1828.) He marries Johanna Collis (b.1821 Mitcheldever, Hampshire) in 1853 and their first child (my great grandfather) Charles Cutts Hammond was born in 1854 at Marylebone, London. Their three daughters also received the middle name "Cutts" - but younger son William Hammond (b.1863) was given the middle name "David", I believe after his grandfather David Collis.
Ben Wyvis

London, UKPosted by GGreene321 at 3:56PM on 29th January, 2010. (


I would like to buy some books from but I am not sure how good their products are, I checked them out and it seems that the have posted on several message boards and I heard some good things about them and their free searchable CD sounds good too.

They have some good books that I would like to have, if anyone had any experience with them, please let me know.

Thank you.

bilston, ENGLANDPosted by kopperknob1 at 1:26PM on 28th January, 2010. (

I am doing my family tree and i am looking for information on the Wallage and Lewis family from Clare
My great grandfather was George Wallage born 1870 Clare
His father i think was also George born 1846 in Clare
His mother was Sarah Ann Lewis born 1845 also in Clare
Any information would be great
Thank you
Regards Jane

Cherveix Cubas, FrancePosted by AudreyF at 1:56PM on 14th January, 2010. (

I have been researching my father's family (the Agers) and traced them back through London to Ipswich and to Clare. I have found a record on line for the marriage of John Ager to Ursula Brett in 1820 in Clare parish church. I believe these are my ?x great grandparents. I cannot get to Clare myself to find anything further which might be available but wonder if there is some kind soul there who would know where to look and could take some time to look up the records for me to see what else might be learnt. I have a marriage date if anyone is willing to help, please.

Thank you in advance,


Suffolk, UKPosted by Kerry O at 3:43PM on 10th December, 2009. (

On my travels around the county I have come to Clare and it is a really nice place to be. In my job I am encouraging communities to help extend the library information available so that communities can see what there is in their own area to be able to get involved in. This project is run by volunteers, and we go about researching where we live and then freely adding an individual on to the information website run by the library service called InfoLink.
If anyone you know provides something that contributes the wellfare of your local people then they are eligible to have their entry on InfoLink. We record as much information as they would like to give us then we post it for them. They are then issued their own username and password so they can access their information and make any updates in the future.
This is about giving more people choice in the rural areas, and helping the people who do amazing things to be known about more so they can be supported and continue in what they do for the community.
If you think you would like to volunteer in this or know of someone who would benefit from getting in touch. Please get in contact with the Sudbury volunteer centre and she can give you my details.

Many thanks.

St Leonards-On-Sea, UKPosted by Alan Jeffries at 11:26AM on 7th December, 2009. (

I am helping my Father to do some research on the Webbs of Folly Farm (burned down c. 1865). He has some information which he has gathered in conjunction with one Jack Webb who lived around Clare/Thurlow but now sadly deceased. This was pre-internet.

In particular I see there are references to a William Webb, one of whose sons (Henry) went to Australia. We believe his father to be a Robert (d. 1804) originally from Poslingford but moved to Folly Farm in the late 1700's.

Please email me at

Port Kennedy, AustraliaPosted by patfenno at 6:51AM on 5th November, 2009. (

Re Ben Wyvis request 16th November 2008 for information on Cutts or Hammond family. I am descended from Robert Cutts, Christophers brother and my sister, with help from other extended members of our family has traced our line back to Jonathon Cutts (1720-1797). Do you have information further back as I dont know of any brothers or sisters for Jonathon. Which of Christopher & Mary's children are you descended from? Thankyou

Posted by Alec at 11:52AM on 15th September, 2009. (

My name is Alec Walliker and my 3 x gt granprent Thomas Walliker lived in Clare and Stoke - by - Clare. He married Lucinda Godale in Lavenham Suffolk and it is details of both that I'm interested in.

I believe there was a strong nonconformist activity in the area and that both Goodales and Wallikers lived in Clare.

I would welcome any information about the 2 familys or others with the same name.

many thanks


Mabelvale, USAPosted by donnasikes30 at 3:32AM on 30th August, 2009. (

I'm trying to find out more on William Rushin Rushing Jr. born in 1593 Clare, Suffolk, England and also died there in 1653. His father was William Rushing Sr. born in 1563 same place. Any info will be appreciated.
email info to (

St Clement, Jersey CIPosted by DRYDENMJ at 2:55PM on 29th August, 2009. (

A message for Valeve. I am also researching the Everetts of Clare. Would you contact me?

Regards Martin

Stockport, UKPosted by GAtherton at 10:52PM on 22nd August, 2009. (

I too have recently discovered that my family are Clares, based in Lymm, Cheshire. Can you give me more detail on what information sources you used to trace your direct family back to 1066? I have Clares back to 1670's but no further.

aberdare, walesPosted by loulou at 5:01PM on 18th August, 2009. (

i am interested in any info reguarding my great grandfather jesse Byford just found out that he came from clare suffolk, married louie and according to the 1901 cencus lived in leeds yorkshire, jesse was a furniture carter. would be glad of any help with this.

Mainland Europe, GermanyPosted by Very_British at 10:39AM on 17th August, 2009. (

Hello everyone. I'm searching for a person called Lee Williams who was born in the June quarter of 1958 (so he'll be 51 now or nearly anyway) and was registered in Manchester (England). His father was/is called Frederick.

Please contact me if you know Lee. Thank you.

With sincere regards,


ann arbor, usaPosted by jimclare at 3:25AM on 25th July, 2009. (

Hello all. I am James Robert Clare. I was born in Waterford, MI, USA; Raised in Clarkston, MI, USA and now live in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
I am interested in where my name comes from.
Thanks for having me.


weston super mare, englandPosted by sheila1066 at 1:26AM on 17th July, 2009. (

Hello--I have been researching my family tree for over 10years and even spent 6months living in Suffolk from someret in order to extend my fieldwork--anyway in the last year I have discovered that the ancient Clare family are my ancestors--Richard FitzGilbert and his wife Rohese Giffard are my x 24 great grandparents-- I have a wealth of information concening the Clares and other related families.One of my x25 great grandmothers was the sister of william the Conqueror. I returned to Somerset but look forward to visiting Clare a.s.a.p when next in suffolk so as to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors


LONDON, ENGLANDPosted by davidomost at 4:37PM on 10th July, 2009. (

HI im DAVID,THIS is my first time on the clare board ,Am doing history on Thompson IVE and MORTLOCK Familys John Thompson 1774 Living No1 HIGH ST Cavandish MARRIED toSARAH CUBBIN 1778.
weds ANNE 1821 moved to london abt 1840s there seems to be many mortlocks in clare 1790s 1850s
ANy info Welcome also IVE family and THOMPSON of CAVANDISH THANKS DAVID.

toynton st peter, lincolnshirePosted by lorna at 9:59PM on 17th June, 2009. (

I am a newbie to this but i have viewed the clare message boards i am searching for my mums great great grandparents and any relations attached to them both were born in Clare Charles Pemberton Robinson b.1817 and Elizabeth Dyson b.1821....and would love to know why Charles carried the surname of pemberton robinson also if anyone could tell me how to find out were to view church records as a relation of mine is hoping to visit clare next week......thank you Lorna

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