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Burton-on-Trent, EnglandPosted by Hale at 7:41PM on 21st April, 2015. (

Many thanks 'Helbel' I now have lots of detailed information but hit a brick wall when trying to find where Charlotte Bruty came from. I can now add this to the tree. Sorry haven't replied earlier but only just picked the message up.

Gravesend, UkPosted by Helbel at 10:21AM on 15th March, 2015. (

Message for Hale
Charlotte Bruty was baptised at St Peter & St Paul Church, Clare on 29 March 1818 father James Bruty, mother Ann Hickford
She married Daniel Jarvis, at the same church on 25 Feb 1855. I do not as yet have a death for her

James Bruty ( c 1751) married 3 times
1. Elizabeth Dearsley at St Peter & St Paul, Clare on 25 July 1775 (Elizabeth buried 25 April 1790, in Clare)
2. Sarah Perry at St John the Baptist, Stoke by Clare on 26 September 1793 (Sarah buried 16 February 1815 in Clare)
3. Ann Hickford at St Peter & St Paul, Clare on 24 July 1815 (Ann buried 21 March 1855 in Clare)
James buried 8 June 1839 in Clare

Hope this is of some help

Gravesend, UkPosted by Helbel at 10:03AM on 15th March, 2015. (

I am compiling a one name study of the Bruty family and would appreciate any information that anyone could give me. I am willing to share any information that I have.

York, United KingdomPosted by freckles at 8:36PM on 12th March, 2015. (

I have just found this site. I have traced one of my lines back to Clare. My 5th Gt grandmother was born here. She is Martha Webb of Thomas Webb and she married William Crick of Cockfield in 1775. I cannot trace her baptism, but Ipswich Record Office found the reference to her baptism for me. I love to write a story of each of my family members and would love to find out more about the Webb family of Clare. Anyone who could help??

Eaglevale, AustraliaPosted by LisaDay42 at 1:21AM on 26th February, 2015. (

Looking for info on the Wallett family my 5 times great Grandmother was Elizabeth Wallett of Long Sutton the daughter of Vicar Abraham Wallett of Clare and Mary Mumby/Momby.
Elizabeth married a Thomas Garner and had many children I descend from Mary Garner b1801 Long Sutton.
I have just downloaded the will of James Wallett the father of Abraham Wallett but is very hard to understand old calligraphy writings.
I know there is a Hilary also searching the same family but I can't seem to find her.

Flin Flon, CanadaPosted by JoyceButcher at 11:06PM on 20th November, 2014. (


Requesting any information on the above families.
Dorothy Martin b. 1780 and her sister Sarah Martin b. 1789 were married to my 3rd great grandfather HENRY HURST of Cheveley, Cambridgeshire.
Please contact me at

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 3:27AM on 11th September, 2014. (

Message for madaboutgolf - as we are related I would love to share information about our common ancestry. Please contact me by email to

Derby, EnglandPosted by madaboutgolf at 7:18PM on 25th August, 2014. (

Message for Hale. Hi there - my husband is also related to Daniel Jarvis & Charlotte Bruty as 3 x greatgrandfater/mother by their son George Jarvis. My husband was also born in Burton on Trent.

Manningtree, EnglandPosted by Mummsie at 5:54PM on 9th May, 2014. (

To sandieb 8 June 2009

Newbie here on my tree I have
Rinaldo BAREHAM born 1796 Clare died 10 Sept 1874 Clare married 10 April 1826 Clare to Ellen WEBB born 1796 Foxearth, Essex died 19 May 1866 Clare son 1 William Webb HAREHAM born 1828 Clare died 1872 Halstead married Charlotte ARNOLD born 1844
Halstead had 3 sons born Clare, Shotley then Whitechapel, London Charlotte married again to Mr.LAMPERT and had 4 children
1st 3 born Clare then fourth born in Brentwood, Essex son 2 Edward born 183;6 Clare died 2 May 1872 Halstead.

Hope this helps

Manningtree, EnglandPosted by Mummsie at 5:47PM on 9th May, 2014. (

To patfenno 17 Oct 2011 and mimram 30 Mar 2010
Newbie here, head is in a whirl with my BAREHAM's Here goes
William b 1650 Clare m Mary had William b 1672 Clare 1st m Sarah had William b 1699 Clare m Honour had Edward b 1738 Clare
lst m Sarah had Joseph b 1766 Clare m Elizabeth ROBINSON b 1762 had Hannah b 1805 Clare also a Reinado b 1796 Clare.
Is this Hannah b 1805 Clare wh m 17 April 1827 Rinaldo ROBINSON? and her brother Rinaldo BAREHAM b 1796 Clare m 10 April 1826 Ellen WEBB b 1796 Foxearth, Essex
Source: Parish Register

This may help your ROBINSON b c1868

Anyone out there to help me please? contact through this message board as answer may help others

London, EnglandPosted by DeborahAnderson at 3:25PM on 1st May, 2014. (

I only just noticed that someone called Steve posted on here last year in relation to the Hickford family. He talked about my grandmother (my father's mother) Geraldine Grace Wickham who married my grandad who was Walter Edward Hickford. I did not know my grandfather as he died one year after I was born in 1954 and I don't remember him. I wonder if Steve could get in touch as he seemed to have been able to trace the family back a bit further than me.

Denton, USPosted by VinceKing at 1:27AM on 15th April, 2014. (

Jay Family in Stoke by Clare

I am interested in finding living Jay surnamed males to participate in an ongoing Jay Family DNA project. It will be 1) free of cost to the participants 2) painless and 3) advance the understanding of Jay family ancestry in both the UK an the US.

I am a past President of the Jay Family Association in the US. Our organization consists of approximately 120 Jay family researchers and family enthusiasts. We also have an active JAY DNA project that has tested about 40 Jay surnamed males in the US. Between research and DNA testing....we have identified about 14 distinct colonial US Jay family lines...i.e. Jay lines that migrated to America between 1650-1776. Unfortunately, none of the immigrant ancestors of any of those 14 lines (save that of the famous 1st Chief Justice of the US, John Jay) have been identified.

It seems that most of these lines emanate out of England...but we have no connection (or family links) for members to follow into the UK. However, there are undoubtedly current living JAYs in England that descend from some of the same ancestors as these US colonial lines. i.e. Jay ancestors from the 1500-1700 timeframe produced descendants that currently live in both the US and England....different branches of the same line. In those cases, the DNA of those males will match.

Background of an example I posted to another Suffolk board.....

John Jay, born in England about 1630, aligned himself with the Society of Friends (Quakers) and migrated to Barbados circa 1655. He died about 1674 on the island. His descendants migrated to New Jersey in the US about 1700. In his Barbados will...he gives monies to relatives and the poor in Stoke by Clare, Suffolk and Ballington, Essex. I can see from further research there were numerous Jay families (perhaps all connected) in the River Stour valley between Stoke by Clare and Ballington, Essex just SW of Sudbury in Suffolk. Perhaps many of these Jays have a common ancestor to John Jay of Barbados who willed monies to the poor in these very specific areas.

I am working under the assumption (perhaps incorrect but to be tested) that the Jay families in this close-knit area, all descend from a common group. As such, the likely-hood of there being a DNA match will be high. I will also surmise that John Jay of Barbados, based on the name places in his will, came from this area also.

With that said, I would like to 1) identify living Jay males in the area 2) contact them and explain why I would like to fund having them participate in a Jay Family DNA project. This would be paid for by our association/third parties and the information could be very valuable in tying families together.

Please email me if you have questions, are interested in working with us on this project or know of a Jay surnamed male who might be interested in donating a sample (simple cheek swab).

Best regards,

Vince King
Denton, TX
Past President, Jay Family Association

Sheffield, EnglandPosted by rodhewson at 5:01PM on 17th March, 2014. (

My greatgreat grandfather is also John Pomfret Brown. His parents are John Brown and Ann Pomfret of Clare. I have a lot more on the Brown family if you are interested. my email is

Gillingham, UKPosted by KateG at 9:12PM on 16th March, 2014. (

I'm trying to trace members of my extended family who we have lost contact with, and have traced a great aunt - Georgina Mary Hughes (nee Cree,) - who lived in Clare during the 1950s. Probate records show that she died a widow in August 1954 and that her address at the time was listed as the Bell Hotel, Clare. I don't know how long she lived there, but family legend has it that there was a fire at the Hotel during which family portraits were destroyed. However, I have not been able to verify this. The probate records (granted in September 1954,) refer to 2 married daughters: - Josette Ina Wallis and Elizabeth Mabel Maclean. Any information would be most welcome - my e-mail address is

Cheddington, United KingdomPosted by Cecilia at 10:17PM on 15th March, 2014. (

My Great Great Grandfather John Pomfrett Brown was born in Clare in 1808/09 I am struggling to find any record of his parents. During the censuses 1841 - 1881 he was living in Wickhambrook and he died in 1885. He married Martha Waller (born in 1811 in Ipswich)in 1831 in St Mary Stoke - Ipswich.

Burton-on-Trent, EnglandPosted by Hale at 8:27PM on 5th February, 2014. (

Daniel Jarvis and Charlotte Bruty are my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother through their daughter Emma Jarvis. Any information would be most welcome. My email is Thanks.

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 8:30AM on 24th December, 2013. (

Taylor/Byford/Jarvis/Hale and other connections - If you have any connections with these families from Clare please contact me to share information. My address: Happy Christmas to one and all!!

llanybydder, ukPosted by hillborn at 11:06PM on 21st September, 2013. (

I am researching my uncle Eli Read born 1878 in Stoke by Clare, son of George & Susannah Reade. I cannot find any record of him after the 1910 census. I would be most grateful to receive any information on Eli or information regarding the Read/Reade families of Chapel Street, Stoke by Clare

Wrington, UKPosted by MartinLineage at 11:40AM on 11th August, 2013. (

I'm researching the family of my 8th Great Grandfather John Martin who married Mary Barker in Clare 1671. They had two children, John & Mary. John married [1st] Mary Perry on 3rd May 1693 and [2nd] Elizabeth Jay on 27th Jan 1706. Between them they had ten children, many of whom survived in adulthood and had families of their own in Clare. I'm particularly interested in Thomas Martin [1718 -1782] who was born in Clare and married Elizabeth Deeks of Belchamp St Paul on 15th Feb 1743.

Biggin Hill, EnglandPosted by Steve11438 at 9:45PM on 11th July, 2013. (

Hi everyone, message for Jivexx (and anyone else who may be able to help or is interested) I'm researching family name Hickford and am fairly confident that I've traced back to William Hickford 1801 - 1872 from Chapel Road / Chapel Street Clare who married Mary ? born about 1802, my GGGG grandfather. Son Benjamin (died young) (1827-1855) who married Emma Woolard (1827 - 1880), son Walter 1851 - ? who married Emma, had a son Walter (1878-1910) who married Janet Mary Beck (b 1876 - ?) to my grandfather Edward Walter (1898 - 1955) who married Georgina Grace Wickham (1900 - 1976).
I've yet to visit Clare to check parish records but from census returns it seems that in the early 19th century Clare was a hot spot for Hickfords who were invariably agricultural labourers with huge families.
If anyone can shed any detail on the Hickford tribe and especially if you can help me go back any earlier than 1800 I'd be very grateful. I will make a point of visiting the village and surrounds soon especially as the 19th century houses all seem to still be there (from a virtual drive through on Google Earth).
I'm happy to share what I have with anyone who needs it

Brookshire, Texas, United StatesPosted by Clare 76 at 7:02PM on 10th June, 2013. (

I just came across this sight. I have been researching my Clare line for 25 years. Most of them stayed in the London/Reading area. My 7G.Grandfather was Samuel Clare who married a Mary before 1751 in London. They had a son Samuel Clare who married Sarah Baker and had the following Children. Edward(my line) who married Sarah Winnington first, then Elizabeth Olding. Edward and family sailed to Montreal in 1833. Second Child of Samuel and Sarah (Baker) Clare, was James Clare who married Henrietta Bordier. James and Henrietta had several children, Stephen Bordier Clare, James Clare, Samuel Clare, Henrietta Hester Clare ( who married John Morgan) and Charles Clare. I have pretty good knowledge of these peopls with sources if you think you may be related to them. If you have anything you would like to share, I am all ears and I will return the favor.

Dave Clare

Newmarket, United KingdomPosted by Denise at 9:10PM on 16th May, 2013. (

I believe my greatgrandmother, Annie Campkin Drake, was in service in or around Clare. There she met and married Frederick James Mappledoram who was a groom. I know Annie's father, William Drake worked for the railway and the family lived in the Gatekeepers House in Ashen Lane. I have in the past located Annies grave in Clare. I would be pleased to learn where they may have worked and met. I remember being told of the name Lady Pennent or Tennett. many thanks

Litsarda, GreecePosted by jo tay at 1:39PM on 3rd May, 2013. (

I am trying to find information about my birth mother's family but am stuck because I cannot find the name of the parents of my birth grandmother Elsie Rose Mayes who was born in 1902. In 1922 she married Frederick Ellingham, they had 3 daughters Freda Jean (my birth mother), Eileen and Lillian. Any information and help would be great as I try to piece together my history. Thank you.

York, EnglandPosted by Olaf at 4:04PM on 25th March, 2013. (

I am seeking any information relating to my paternal Grandparents. Does anybody know the name of Harry Rowling? We understand from records we have found so far he was born in Clare Suffolk c 1850-1854.

We also think he may have married a local lady but we only have the name of Mary. At some time during there marriage moved to Middlesborough in North Yorkshire where they lived till their death.

Any help would be invaluable to us and much appreciated.

Duxford, EnglandPosted by Rushenhistory at 8:31AM on 19th March, 2013. (

Interested to find the source of your post as my earliest birth is 1595;

"I am looking for information on William Rushin, born 1505 in Clare, Suffolk. He was the father of William Rishton Rushing born 1535 in Clare and died 1570 in Clare (spouse Carrie Humphrey -born 1535 in Clare). I believe the Ancient House Museum genealogy archives only begin in 1550."

Regards, Peter & Claire Rushen

Duxford, EnglandPosted by Rushenhistory at 8:20AM on 19th March, 2013. (

Many Rushens' and variant name spelling, Rushing and Rushin, were baptised in Clare. Visit the Rushen History web site to find out more.

Regards, Peter & Claire Rushen

North Walsham, EnglandPosted by AnneEL at 8:14PM on 1st March, 2013. (

Hi, This is a message for Gloria A Orbell nee'Gee, daughter of Percival Henry Gee 1922 - 2000. I have been contacted by Haverhill Historical Society regarding her aunt Lilian Olga Gee 1918 - 1988, who was married to Walter Grayson in 1939, he died in WWII in Tunesia 1943. She married John Snell in 1947. They are compiling a memorial book with stories and photo's of all the men and woman named on their war memorial. Please call me if you can help. 01692 404448 (North Walsham) or E-mail me on
Kind regards Anne Lindquist

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 12:35AM on 13th February, 2013. (

Hi, my name is Richard Cairns and my great great grandfather was Daniel Jarvis who married twice, firstly Mary (family name unknown) and secondly Charlotte Bruty. From his first marriage he had 10 children among whom David Jarvis who married Ann Beeton. They are shown in the 1891 UK Census record but their daughter Elizabeth disappears after 1881 and I have not been able to locate her subsequent marriage or death. If anyone can help I would be most grateful

Polomolok, PhilippinesPosted by crichardsourcing at 12:26AM on 13th February, 2013. (

Message to Madaboutgolf - you posted in december that you are connected with the Jaris family through son George from Staffordshire. I would be most grateful to receive your contact and information. I can be contacted via email - Many thanks

Guildford, United KingdomPosted by Diane at 2:51PM on 4th February, 2013. (

I am trying to find some information and possible relatives of David Sommerville Scott who is listed as having lived in Clare. He was killed in 1944 in action and was my father's lieutenant. His father was a retired colonel and may have been an active member of the village.Is his name on the war memorial? Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you.

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