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california, United KingdomPosted by EVALELE at 2:22PM on 6th August, 2021. (


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Odessa, UkrainePosted by JoeBah at 10:32PM on 5th August, 2021. (

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SUDBURY, United KingdomPosted by ColinWright at 1:12PM on 3rd April, 2020. (

I am researching Wright family. My father, Gerald Clare Wright was born at Bell Villa in Feb 1917. His mother Grace (nee Goodchild) lived near Ongar in Essex but went to Clare to be near her sister-in-law Florence May Wright (I only believe this to be the reason).Florence was married(?) to Willie Bareham (was really called Gerald) whose father kept the Bell at that time. In 1911 census Florence was not living at the Bell with Willie but there is an earlier record of them being married. I am trying to establish if Florence's father Isaac and mother Anna Marie (my Great Grandparents) came to live at Clare abt 1930 - I have little detail about this period of their lives. Florence was a "Photographer's Assistant" in 1911

Ipswich, EnglandPosted by Anya at 4:31PM on 18th April, 2018. (

There were a load of messages here I wanted to reply to but they now seem to be gone: The replies were:

I'm wanting to reply to Terry Bareham. My ancestors are also the Clare Jarvis family with mentions of Ashen, Essex too. I'm in the process of doing their family tree, with the help of Graham from Honey Hill Cafe and Peggy Smith from the Clare Museum among others. Happy to compare notes and share info! Please feel free to give my email address to Terry Bareham. (My late Grandma was Sallie Jarvis, her Granddad was Edmund John Jarvis of Clare, his Dad was Samuel Jarvis of Clare, his Dad was John Jarvis of Clare - I've got quite a bit of info on all of these, and plenty of others in the family). Eliza and Jeffries are relevant to my family tree too (the Clare Jarvis clan). Want to compare notes?

I'd like to reply to Bill Howson, regarding Honey Hall, which I believe was Honey Hill. (Many things were mis-written/misread/mistyped from when our ancestors said them to the census men, to when we read them typed up online today). I have quite a bit of info on Honey Hill and would be glad to compare family tree notes as my family were the Clare Jarvis clan.

Reply to COUTTS: I'm interested in comparing notes on the Dare family in Clare. I believe my great great great great grandma Martha Jarvis was born Martha Dare but I can't find records on her. Hoping we might be able to help each other. Also, I should be visiting Clare in the future and intend to check out the grave yards as John Jarvis (Martha's hubby) is buried there, so perhaps could look for you too!
Anya : )

General call-out: My ancestors were the Jarvis family of Clare:
Edmund John Jarvis born 1865, Clare, & his siblings Samuel, Octavius Alexander, & William George Jarvis. Edmund married Eliza Bridgman I believe. Although maybe a she was a Bruty.
Edmund's father Samuel Jarvis born 1823 in Clare (siblings Elizabeth, George, Sarah) & mother Catherine Ann Jarvis born 1823-5 Clare (I think maiden name Read/Reed).
Samuel's father John Jarvis born 1782-6, a Carrier, 19-20 Church Street (then 'Honey Hill') among various other properties and involved in brickmaking too. And mother Martha I believe birth surname Dare.
I'm interested in ANY records/info/family trees people want to share relevant to the above, and to who they married (which I believe includes families Dare, Bruty, Yeldham, Male, Ambrose, Perry, Cluff & Price). Will gladly share what I have in return : )

Pevensey, United KingdomPosted by Suzy100 at 4:02PM on 22nd January, 2018. (

I came across this message from a Rosie in 2012:

'Hello, Just stumbled on this noticeboard whilst researching Clare & wondered if anyone would recognise the surname PETTIT or know anything about the history of CABINET MAKERS in the area. I have been researching my family history & (with the help of the Bury Records Office) have got back to my grt.grt.grt.grandfather Walter who was baptised in Clare with his brother Richard in the early 1800s; their father, Nathaniel, married to Mary (poss Bowley) was a cabinet maker.
Any comments much appreciated. Rosie'

My 5 x great grandfather was Nathanial Pettit who married a Mary Borley (possibly) on 26.
05.1794 his parish was Clare Suffolk. They married in Long Melford.
I would love to hear from anyone and especially Rosie who may have the Pettits in their tree. They had a son Thomas Nathaniel Pettit who moved to London and was also a cabinet maker.

East Grinstead, United KingdomPosted by gianni at 4:09PM on 9th November, 2017. (

Looking for information about Ellen Howard Turner. She was born in May 1906 at Trundles Farm, Clare to Louisa Howard, nee Gotobed, originally from Landbeach, Cambridgeshire. Sadly Louisa (age 31) died in childbirth and Ellen was brought up by the Turner family. George Turner is believed to be the father. She attended school in Stoke by Clare and then Ashen but I don't know what happened to her after that.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Dagenham, ENGLANDPosted by RobertJRogers at 8:25AM on 22nd September, 2017. (

Very new to tracing Family History, have discovered a very great Grandfather came from Clare (it had been believed there was an Irish Connection, County Clair, now I know, Suffolk!) have included the tree and will try to follow up this fantastic new bit of Information. From 1857 Census
William Rogers (43) born 1808 in Clare, Suffolk married Elizabeth? (47) Born in Ashen Essex in 1804.
Sarah Rogers born 1831 in West Ham (20) Dressmaker
Emma Rogers 1841 (10)
William G Rogers 1847
From 1901 Census

William Charles Rogers born 1867 married Elizabeth Jane Tillyer born 1867 in 1897 in West Ham
They lived at 113 Forty Acre Lane, Canning Town.

William G Rogers 1886
Elizabeth Rogers 1887
John Rogers 1891
James Rogers 1893
Eliza A Rogers 1894
Mary Rogers 1896
Nellie Rogers 1900

William G Rogers born 1886 married Jane E Griggs born 1889 in 1905.

In 1911 they lived at 2 Ascot Street, Canning Town.


William G Rogers born 1906 married Violet V Goodwin born 1906 in 1926 and lived at 30 the Moorings, Custom House

Charles H Rogers born 1908 married Ellen S Almeroth in 1925. Born Romford (no details of Birth)
Almeroth is a surname. Only Charles Rogers I could find on 1939 register was living at 3 Wick Road, West Ham, but wife is Susan could S be her middle name!

Jane E Rogers born 1911 married George W Hart in 1939 in West Ham

Walter J Rogers born 1919 (no details of Marriage)

Mary C Rogers born 1922 (no details of Marriage)

John A Rogers born 1924 married Elizabeth M Rogers born 1923 in 1945

Robert J Rogers born 1953.

Catalina, AustraliaPosted by Helen at 3:25AM on 19th July, 2017. (

My great-great-great grandparents were John Rash (1824-1887) and Jane Barber (1826-1913) from Haverhill. They emigrated to Maldon, Victoria, Australia where they ran a goldfields pub. I'd love to make contact with any Rash relatives in Suffolk!

New Brunswick, CanadaPosted by Sylvia at 9:16PM on 30th March, 2017. (

GOWERS/WALLIKER family. Can anyone help me find information regarding James Gowers, builder, of Stoke by Clare who died 1840 and his family, descendants? He was known by Gowers but also Walliker. He had a few wives, one being Hannah Matilda Gowers (nee Locke) who died 1825 after their son James was born. James Senior had relationships and then remarried. He died 1840. He was survived by his widow Mary Gowers otherwise Walliker (nee Clarke) who died 1877 at Stoke next Clare. Upon James's death she continued to run the building business on the Green, advertised in the directory as Mary Gowers, bricklayer in 1844 and was known as a respectable lady. She employed their two sons who were bricklayers. I believe one of her sons carried on the bricklaying business as James Gowers, Bricklayer appears in the 1896 Post Office Directory for Stoke by Clare. Does anything survive regarding their business or information about the family? Thanking you kindly.

Gosport, UKPosted by Nanpickle at 10:05PM on 24th January, 2017. (

Am researching my family tree. My Grandfather William James Peacock was killed in WW1 before my Mother was born in 1918. I have traced his Father William and Mother Mary Ann Hills from Ashen and trying to go back further I find 2 potential Williams being born 1859 with no Father and 1860 Father John. There were a lot of Peacocks in the village! I can't be sure I'm following the correct line. Are there any still there or is there anyone doing the same? I can see that the name Hills was connected to Ashen as well.

Eastbourne, EnglandPosted by PhilB at 11:38AM on 23rd January, 2017. (

My previous post re Benjamin Brown should say he is my great, great gransfather. I'm not that old!!

Eastbourne, EnglandPosted by PhilB at 11:26AM on 23rd January, 2017. (

According to information passed down within the family, my great-grandfather (Benjamin Brown) ran a Grammar School in Clare around mid 1800. All information and photos seem to show the school as being in Nethergate House. I know that he was a schoolteacher/headmaster at the Cavendish Endowed School around 1860. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you.

Solihull, United KingdomPosted by Deb at 9:44PM on 14th January, 2017. (

I'm looking for any information on George Clare and his family of artists who lived in Birmingham in the 1800's. They are on my grandmother's side of the family.

Penryn, EnglandPosted by Richard at 3:09PM on 1st September, 2016. (

For Amandakean3
Do you mean the Red Cow public house ?
It stood immediately opposite the church, and is now a private house, Bishop's Hall.
For photo enter "Bishops hall keith evans" into google.
Hope this helps.

Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Angie at 12:47AM on 27th August, 2016. (

Florence Dyson was my nan and Rosemary my mother she had a brother and sister

Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Angie at 12:40AM on 27th August, 2016. (

John peacock was my dads brother I believe there was also another brother I believe

Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Angie at 12:38AM on 27th August, 2016. (

My aunt Florrie Jeffries lived at chiton street Clare

SUDBURY, United KingdomPosted by FamJeff at 11:09AM on 23rd August, 2016. (

have just discovered this site. For Pamela Nevin who posted a couple of years back, Lots of Cornells in Hundon (to be found on Hundon website genealogy.
Im searching my family, Jeffries?price - Chilton Street,
gggrandmother - Emily (Price) strawplaiter, g grandfather James Jeffrey (Jeffriees) m Mary Ann Biggs (hundon)
Emilys g parents were Bareham from Stoke by Clare.
Has anyone anything to helpme with regarding this family.

Annan, DumfriesshirePosted by amandakean3 at 10:27AM on 22nd August, 2016. (

Can anyone tell me where cow house or houses were in Ashen??
Many thanks

winchester, ukPosted by Peterbchurch at 3:24PM on 18th January, 2016. (

I am searching for birth date around 1709 of Robert Church .
The Clare records ds seem unreadable at around that time.
Has anyone any ideas about how to proceed or to find out anything before Robert left Clare to marry in London?
His father was David Church of little Saxham who married Elizabeth Chaplin in Pakenham.
Peter church

Haverhill, EnglandPosted by Angie at 7:51PM on 24th November, 2015. (

Florence Dyson was my grandmother and Rosemary was my mother she also had a sister florie and brother Patrick .

Lexington, Kentucky, United States of AmericaPosted by CarolinaMike at 4:37PM on 1st November, 2015. (

My name is Michael Rushing. My mother-in-law did an extensive genealogy study on my paternal family lineage. She provided me an 60+ page document which traces my ancestry to a William Rushing, born in 1505 in the Town of Clare, Suffolk, England. I would love to find out if there are any Rushing's that still reside in Clare and maybe start a pen-pal relationship. Of course, I am assuming the genealogy results are relatively accurate. I was really exciting to learn about and trace my family's past.
My step-daughter is currently studying at Sheffield University in Sheffield, England so I do plan to make a trip to Clare in the future. Any information or feedback is appreciated.
Best regards,
Mike Rushing

Ovington, EnglandPosted by John at 10:55PM on 31st July, 2015. (

Any relations to Sidney John Bareham who may be interested in an old interesting hand written workbook dated 1905 please get in touch.

Ardmore, IrelandPosted by Alan at 9:17AM on 19th July, 2015. (

My GG Grandfather was William Peacock, baptised in Clare on Jul 13 1815.Father John Peacock , mother Elizabeth Potter. I believe that he lived in Chilton St. There was a survey done in Chilton in the very early 1800s, but I have lost the details.
If anyone can assist with details of the family I would be grateful.
John & Elizabeth are buried in Clare Churchyard

alershot, englandPosted by kim at 8:26PM on 19th May, 2015. (

Hello this is a message for pamela nevin. Pamela the name mahatibell cornell appears in my family tree on maternal side, the name is hebrew in origin and i think she was born in 1819. Mum remembers the name Eunice cornell which would make her g grandmother, from what i have found she married my g grandfather carlton allsop who was a bookbinder by profession, unfortunately i cannot find any pictures or docs which would be nice!

Burton-on-Trent, EnglandPosted by Hale at 7:41PM on 21st April, 2015. (

Many thanks 'Helbel' I now have lots of detailed information but hit a brick wall when trying to find where Charlotte Bruty came from. I can now add this to the tree. Sorry haven't replied earlier but only just picked the message up.

Gravesend, UkPosted by Helbel at 10:21AM on 15th March, 2015. (

Message for Hale
Charlotte Bruty was baptised at St Peter & St Paul Church, Clare on 29 March 1818 father James Bruty, mother Ann Hickford
She married Daniel Jarvis, at the same church on 25 Feb 1855. I do not as yet have a death for her

James Bruty ( c 1751) married 3 times
1. Elizabeth Dearsley at St Peter & St Paul, Clare on 25 July 1775 (Elizabeth buried 25 April 1790, in Clare)
2. Sarah Perry at St John the Baptist, Stoke by Clare on 26 September 1793 (Sarah buried 16 February 1815 in Clare)
3. Ann Hickford at St Peter & St Paul, Clare on 24 July 1815 (Ann buried 21 March 1855 in Clare)
James buried 8 June 1839 in Clare

Hope this is of some help

Gravesend, UkPosted by Helbel at 10:03AM on 15th March, 2015. (

I am compiling a one name study of the Bruty family and would appreciate any information that anyone could give me. I am willing to share any information that I have.

York, United KingdomPosted by freckles at 8:36PM on 12th March, 2015. (

I have just found this site. I have traced one of my lines back to Clare. My 5th Gt grandmother was born here. She is Martha Webb of Thomas Webb and she married William Crick of Cockfield in 1775. I cannot trace her baptism, but Ipswich Record Office found the reference to her baptism for me. I love to write a story of each of my family members and would love to find out more about the Webb family of Clare. Anyone who could help??

Eaglevale, AustraliaPosted by LisaDay42 at 1:21AM on 26th February, 2015. (

Looking for info on the Wallett family my 5 times great Grandmother was Elizabeth Wallett of Long Sutton the daughter of Vicar Abraham Wallett of Clare and Mary Mumby/Momby.
Elizabeth married a Thomas Garner and had many children I descend from Mary Garner b1801 Long Sutton.
I have just downloaded the will of James Wallett the father of Abraham Wallett but is very hard to understand old calligraphy writings.
I know there is a Hilary also searching the same family but I can't seem to find her.

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