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It's a Small World ...

East Anglia is the oldest settled region of England and many of its towns can be dated back to pre-Roman times.

Not surprisingly many local town names can be found in other countries, named when British settlers emigrated to new lands. But did you know that there are at least four other Clares dotted around the globe all with historical links to our own Clare in Suffolk.

There is Castleclare in Ireland, a town in County Clare.

Clare in America, not far from its neighbouring town of Haverhill and Clare in Nova Scotia. Most interesting of all there is a thriving community in Clare, South Australia about 70 miles north of Adelaide.

The Australian Clare dates from the 19th century when settlers from County Clare discovered the region and set up a successful farming community. Today Clare Australia is famous for its wine region which exports fine wines all over the world. When the original settlers colonised the fertile countryside of the Australian outback they knew they had settled for life. Most would never see their homeland again.Today all that has changed. Now nowhere is more than a telephone call away and with the Internet the world has become a very small place indeed. With the use of the Internet it is now possible to see and talk directly to friends and family almost anywhere in the world making it increasingly easier for towns like Clare to communicate with their namesakes.