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Clare Carpet Bowls Club

Clare Carpet Bowls Club finished the first half of the current season with a mixture of highs and lows.  In overall terms we are still down on the matches so far, having lost three out of the four played!  However, it is not the winning or losing which counts but whether everyone enjoys themselves.  Every club always comments on how pleasant it is to play against us.  Mind you, they say this after they beat us, not before!!!!
Much less successful has been the 'friendly' rivalry on ordinary club nights, when the ladies play against the gents.  Although the ladies have only won two of the five 'tournaments' played so far, they are still ahead by 47 points because they win by a greater margin than do the men.  Perhaps they (the gents) will have better luck in the new year!
Ridgewell v Clare - 40:28.  We have played each other since November 1997; lost ten, won four!
Clare v Castle Camps - 17:49.  We have played Castle Camps since November 2002.  Won three, lost three but by more points.
Castle Hedingham v Clare - 25:57.  Having played each other since March 1999, Clare have won seven and lost five but by much bigger margins.
Clare v St Mary's - 19:63.  Having played each other since January 1999, we are still behind.  Won six, lost six but by large margins again.
Still, the food is good!  We would like some new members to join our fun evenings.  The next session is on 13 January 2010, at 7:30pm in Hall 3 of the Community Centre.  Come along and see what it is like