The Small Town of Clare

Clare before the
Norman Conquest

The Clare Lordship

The Castle

The Medieval Town

Borough and Manor

The Parish Church

The House of Austin Friars

The Woollen Industry

The Town in the
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Early Nonconformity

Schools and Charities

Later History of the Town




A Short History of Clare, Suffolk.

By Gladys A. Thornton
B.A., Ph.D., F.R.Hist.S.
(Mrs. J. G. S. Ward)



This short guide to the history of Clare has been written in response to many requests for a successor to the author’s History of Clare (Heifer, 1928), now out of print. Within the limits of a pamphlet it has not been possible to give references, but these can be found in full in the earlier volume. The author wishes to take this opportunity of again thanking her friends for the help and encouragement which they have given to her work.

G. A. Ward, 1946.


The first edition of A Short History of Clare is out of print and the author is glad to present a revised edition, rewritten in part; there are two new illustrations.

G. A.Ward, 1963.


Dedicated to the memory of