The Small Town of Clare

Clare before the
Norman Conquest

The Clare Lordship

The Castle

The Medieval Town

Borough and Manor

The Parish Church

The House of Austin Friars

The Woollen Industry

The Town in the
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Early Nonconformity

Schools and Charities

Later History of the Town




The Small Town of Clare

With a population today of about fourteen hundred, Clare has had an interesting history from early times, which has brought it into contact with great historical movements and personages. The town has passed on its name as few other places have done. In the Middle Ages the Clare lords were among the leading nobles in the realm. In the fourteenth century Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare, refounded Clare Hall, later Care College, in Cambridge. Her successor received the title of Duke of Clarence, a title since renewed at rare intervals; and the name of the Clarenceux Herald is said to have been derived from Clare.

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